Product Development
  1.  Product Research, Design, and Development
Octave Labs offers turnkey product development from concept to production.  Octave Labs can assist your organization at any point in the development process from feasibility studies, transform a prototype into a manufactured product, or enhance an existing product.
To see what Octave Labs can do for you, visit the Telecom Interface page for an example of a product entirely developed by Octave Labs.  
  1.  Electronic Packaging
Octave Labs performs electrical, thermal, and mechanical engineering to package your product in an attractive enclosure.  Octave Labs can develop functional front panel user interfaces and rear panels.  Laser-cut sheet metal enclosures are designed in 3D CAD alongside multi-layer printed circuit boards (PCB).
  1.  Electronic Engineering
Octave Labs offers a broad spectrum of electronic engineering skills including analog and digital circuit design, embedded processors, firmware, and PC programming.  We also work with professional consultants to fulfill many other areas of expertise.
  1.  Electroacoustics and Telecommunications
Octave Labs offers expertise in electroacoustics and telecommunications.  Tools and techniques are available to get your product’s audio performance accepted by customers and regulatory authorities. Octave Labs designs custom test and measurement systems for R&D and production environments.
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